Works Like Magic!
  • Mend-All Professional Wood Working Glue gives results of uniformly high quality.
  • Easy to work with - strong initial grab does not prevent wood pieces from being aligned quickly.
  • Fast setting - cuts down on clamp or press time.
  • Can be sanded without gumming or softening.

A division of the
For Every Purpose
  • For the basement shop. Where fast setting saves time.
  • For the carpenter. Where a glue of better than average strength is needed.
  • For the small woodworking shop. Where highest tensile strength is essential.
  • For industry. Where quality must be combined with economy.

Available in the following sizes:
4 oz. 2 doz. to case
8 oz. 2 doz. to case
Pint 1 doz. to case
Quart 1 doz. to case
Gallon 4 each
5 Gallon 1 each
55 Gallon 1 each

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